What can I do with my old wedding dress?

Whether it’s motivated by Sleeping Beauty, suitable for the Oscar style or everything about haute couture, most brides-to-be always consider what type of bridal gown suit them well.

Couple of have invested time thinking about what they will do with old wedding dress.

Your big day comes to an end and your sensational bridal dress has been maintained permanently along with your romantic memories. Take a look at the stunning bridal gown hanging over there; you may question how to handle it.

Most women may keep it as a family custom and give to their future children, nieces, cousins or perhaps their friends’ children. There are a lot of things you can do to retool your dress or what are the uses for old wedding dress.

Make Creative Things Out of Your Dress

If you are proficient at cutting and old wedding dress ideas, there are lots of innovative things you can do with the dress.


You can make beautiful pillows out of your dress. You can even cut the material into spots to make a quilt. Or cut the bottom part of your dress and make it a much shorter dress.

If you bridal gown is an easy style, it will be simple for you to turn it into a special occasion dress by passing away the white material. If you dress has lace, you can make a table fabric.

Sell Your Dress

Online auction websites like eBay, Amazon are out there for handling undesirable gowns.

Contribute to Charity

Contribute your dress to charity organizations that retool bridal dress to benefit great causes.

Garbage you’re Dress

A new pattern of garbage your dress has ended up being popular nowadays. Damage your bridal gown by leaping in ocean, a pool, or roll around in dirt. It’s a special workout in tension release. Take countless images as you destroy your dress and let your dress live on in these romp images.

Caution: If your bridal gown cost an arm and a leg, please verify with your hubby or buddies before you make this decision.

If you still have no concept about how to handle your bridal gown, you’d much better have it dry-cleaned and kept properly no greater than 40 days after your wedding. Spots like sugar, makeup and dirt will set after 40 days. You can clean the dress first of all, and after that choose to manage with your dress.