Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Seattle, WA, LDS Temple Wedding: Nicole and Sean

Sean grew up in Grand Junction Colorado.
Nicole grew up in Puyallup Washington.
They fell in love in Utah.
Heather Mann photography captured their wedding in Seattle.
I'm blogging about it in California.

I dig how Sean has the "yellow-tie-blue-shirt" thing going on. Its awesome.

Love how the groomsmen opposite the groom with their yellow shirts and blue ties. Um, and cardigans for bridesmaids? Yes please.

Isn't he so dapper?

Nicole is, of course, stunning. I love her pearls! Always a classic.

Oh wedding feet, why are you so much fun to gaze at? I dig the shoes, I love the socks
(and the bouquet is spot on too!)

Oh my amazing-cake! All I want to know is; are those little pearls edible?

Cupcakes! I rest my case.

The lodge was built as a hotel in 1911 and later refurbished as a craftsman's style lodge.

The chandeliers and specialty lighting features were made and hung by the decorators.

I adore the getaway bike! So very cute.

Thanks so much to Heathaer Mann Photography for sharing this yummy wedding with me.
And "Happy Forever" to Nicole and Sean!

-The Vendor line up-
*Temple:  Seattle, Washington
*Venue:  Metroparks Titlow Lodge
*Florist:  The Flower Shop 253-848-8842
*Bakery:  Dale & Fawnette Garner 253-840-2173
*Photography:  Heathermann photography
*Catering:  Sharon Conder 253-845-7544
*Planing and Decor: Brenda Hoyt 253-840-7634 & Christy Pollard 253-848-7184


  1. hooray! thanks so much for featuring this awesome wedding!

  2. I like it! Yellow and Blue are my favs! Are both pearls and bubble bath bubbles on the cake? I bet they are edible. I bet it is white modeling chocolate! Seems like the Seattle temple has alot of asian influences in their garden, which doesn't surprise me much for some reason. It actually looks a lot like the Japanese Tea Garden in SF's Golden Gate Park, actually!

  3. Great shots! And how original is the cake!!

  4. I have to know where she got her hair



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